It’s starting.

We’ve met with VR and AR companies from L.A. to Toronto and yet we aren’t surprised to find some of the best talent right here in our beautiful state of Idaho. Here is a sneak peek at the powerhouse of potential held within the Founding Members of the Idaho Virtual Reality Council (IVRC).

We have projects underway covering industries from NASA to Daimler and superstars from Disney to Lebron James. If you are a player in any aspect of the ecosystem, this is where you need to be. This modern era of VR is still in it’s infancy where there are rapid deployments, pivots, and repositioning at every turn and the IVRC is at the center of creating workshops, partnerships, and opportunities for all industries.

Upcoming Events

  • Join us on for the Idaho Virtual Reality Council (IVRC) Kickoff Event - September 15th
  • Save the date for our first public VR Party on Wednesday, Oct 19th with industry giants: Unity, HTC, Samsung and more. *check updates on if we can say this
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Here is the Landscape of VR, from BDMI, for those who are new or interested in exploring virtual reality in your organization.


The Idaho Virtual Reality Council is bringing together leaders, technologies, and companies to create a thriving VR industry for the economic and social benefit of Idaho citizens and families. Networking events and educational seminars will help Idaho organizations to learn faster, cooperate on projects, and promote VR in Idaho. We’ll have workshops held by many of the companies listed above as well as local expertise.

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