Boise Code Works to Offer Game Development Course

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While most schools are closed for a fifth-consecutive snowday, Boise Code Works administrators are hard at work in their Garden City headquarters making preparations to begin their next Immersive Full Stack development course.  The students enrolled in this course are special, because they make up the largest cohort that Code Works has ever instructed.  But if the growing number of students and success that CW has enjoyed over the past several years isn’t enough, it now plans to expand its course offerings to include game development.  

Starting June, 2017 Boise Code Works will launch its inaugural Back End & Game Dev program.  This twelve-week course culminating with a capstone game design project instructs students how to build games and other applications by combining languages like C# and SQL with the powerful and wildly popular Unity Game Engine.  These tools will give future developers the skills to not only create mobile games and applications, but also virtual and augmented reality content for hardware such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.  Jake Overall, CEO of Code Works, believes that this course will be a huge success stating that, “in addition to increasing the number of tech savvy individuals in the area, game design is fun and can serve as a creative outlet for developers.”

Over the coming years as the VR and AR markets continue to expand, the need for capable game developers will increase.  It is projected that job growth in the game design industry will experience an annual increase of 11.59 percent over the next few years (  If you are thinking about changing careers or adding another powerful skill to your arsenal, Code Works game design course is a great option that will help you develop a portfolio of gaming and VR content that will prepare you for employment.  For more information please reach out to [email protected].

Boise Code Works Team with IVRC

Boise Code Works Team with IVRC

Child in VR classroom

Young developer in VR classroom

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