Idaho Virtual Reality Council events bring universities, educators, entrepreneurs, investors, professionals and evangelists together to soak up the advice of the best entrepreneurs, investors, and local influencers in Idaho. Our speakers have learned from experience and mentors as they built successful companies, investment portfolios, and products, and now pass their time on freely to mentor the communities in which they live.

So what can I expect?

An Idaho Virtual Reality Council event isn’t a keynote or a product pitch. It’s a personal fireside chat with our director or another local founder that will ask you, the entrepreneur or professional you recommend about his or her life, business, expertise and the transferrable lessons learned in building each of the three. These talks should inspire a room full of founders and educate them to challenges they will encounter in their business. Every talk ends with audience interaction: our director welcomes the crowd to ask about 15 minutes of questions to compliment the 45 minutes of discussion.

What happens after?

Every Idaho Virtual Reality Council event is recorded with full audio and video for distribution on our video and podcast channels. You may use the video and audio collateral for promotion and media in the future, but Idaho Virtual Reality Council reserves all rights to the content for commercial purposes. You’ll also become part of theIdaho Virtual Reality Council community, complete with our warm invitation to our annual events, access to our trusted partners, and invite-only Idaho Virtual Reality Council alumni events.

If you or a trusted colleague feel ready to become a mentor to a whole city of entrepreneurs, apply below!

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