Idaho Virtual Reality Council presents the 2017 Hackfort Immerse-A-Thon. Join us at Trailhead March 11th and 12th. Registration is open on Eventbrite. Get ready for amazing prizes and an amazing time!

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  • What - A virtual and augmented reality hackathon
  • When - March 11th and 12th 2017
  • Where - Trailhead Boise
  • Cost - $25.00 per team


  • NVIDIA Quadro P5000 GPU - $2500.00  MSRP
  • Legal council from Perkins Coie
  • One all access pass to GDC 2018
  • Unity Plus licenses
  • Two 5-Day Treefort Passes
  • (4) 1 hour free tickets to VR1 Virtual Reality Arcade


  • Food
  • T-shirt


The 2017 Immerse-a-thon is coming soon, and this time we are excited to announce that we are teaming up with Hackfort and Trailhead to make it happen.  Last year’s Immerse-a-thon was the biggest hackathon event ever held in Idaho.  Let’s make this one even better!


Musical Mischief


An overnight event starting 8am the morning of Saturday, March 11th and ending 8pm Sunday, March 12th.


Stay tuned.  Our great prize lineup will be announced soon.


Trailhead Boise - 500 S 8th St, Boise, ID 83702


Begins February, 7th on Eventbrite.  A $25.00 registration fee per team.  Registration includes t-shirt, food and drink for participants.


  • Device and periodic tech support available


  • Duane Mathes - BB
  • Cody Rutty - Co-founder Swell Artist Collective, local 2D and 3D artist
  • Nick Crabbs - Partner VYNYL
  • Dan Thurber - BB
  • Brett Adler - Chief Product Officer Retrolux


Hardware/Software requirements

  1. Each team should have at least one computer with an i5 processor or an equivalent.
  2. A GPU capable of running Unity
  3. A functioning copy of Unity Game Engine

Not Your Average Hackathon

  • This isn’t just a hackathon, this is an Immerse-a-thon. This is our special way of telling you that the event will be geared towards immersive technologies such as virtual and augmented realities. So be prepared to create projects that can be tested and showcased on VR head mounted displays.

Be Civil, Be Friendly, Be Awesome

  • You are developers and contributors to what is perhaps one of the most exciting and impactful technologies ever created. As pioneers it is up to you to promote the industry and encourage more people to enter the space. It is on all of us to cultivate a spirit of diversity that is accepting of hackers of every race, sexual orientation, religion, gender, and ability level. Any conduct that is contrary to this will result in the disqualification of the hacker from the event and his/her removal from the premises. So please use this event as an opportunity to teach, learn, build, fail, succeed, and most of all, have fun!

We Want Something New, Original, and Exciting

  • Don’t be afraid to go for the longshot. This event is about pushing boundaries and identifying teams and individuals who have disruptive visions and are willing to make them a reality.

Don’t Just Talk, Build

  • Of course we want to hear about great ideas, but ultimately we want to see you turn your ideas into something tangible.  At the end of the day it’s what you have built that will speak louder than your words.
  • If you have identified a potential project that fits within the theme of the event then we encourage teams to go through the ideation and wireframing process beforehand.  This will allow your team to spend more time creating and less time trying to figure out what you want to build.

No Coding Before the Event

  • All projects must be entirely coded during the event. However, if needed, hackers may utilize open-source code, API’s and frameworks. Prefabs and assets may be used as long as their use is fully disclosed, however it does look good if you are able to create some of your own original assets. If teams want to develop their own assets before the event that is OK as long as there isn't any coding involved. Bringing your own custom assets is no different than just buying ones right from the assets store.

Use Version Control Software

  • Using a version control software like GIT or Mercurial is a good idea. It will help you keep track of your code and verify its originality should your team make it to the finals.

Be Prepared To Show Us Your Code

  • If your team is selected as a finalist be prepared to show us your code. We want to make sure that your code is original and valid. This will be done by a judge selected by the Idaho Virtual Reality Council. Rest assured that your code and ideas belong to you and only you and will not be shared or distributed to any other parties.

Size Matters

  • Team size can range from 1 - 6 hackers. In order to maintain fairness we will not allow teams larger than this to participate.
  • If you are a lone hacker but still want to participate sign up anyway and we will do our best to connect you with other hackers that don't have a team.
  • Hackers may not officially be a member of more than one team, however it is permissible for a hacker to lend his/her expertise to another team’s project if they choose.

To Participate in the Student Division

  • You must now be enrolled in an area high school, university, code camp, or have graduated within 12 months prior to the event.  If you participate in the event as a student please be prepared to provide proof (student ID, school correspondence .  .  .).

Be Respectful of Trailhead Members

  • Trailhead members may be working in the front of the building during the event. Immerse-a-thon participants are guests of Trailhead and must be respectful of Trailhead members right to a relatively quiet workspace.

Project Scoring

Each team's project will be evaluated by a panel of judges in the following categories:

  1. The idea (Is it good?) - 10pts
  2. Design (Does it look good?) - 10pts
  3. Functionality (Does it work well?) - 10pts
  4. Originality (Is it unique?)- 10pts
  5. Viability (Could the project become a real product?) - 10pts
  6. Simplicity (Can the project be clearly explained in a few sentences?) - 10pts

The four quarterfinalists will be given the chance to present their project to the whole group at the end of the day on Sunday the 12th.

A semifinalist from each division will be selected and named at the end of the event.
The two semifinalists will be given the opportunity to present their projects at Hackfort, where the Grand Prize Winner will be announced.

Judges begin review at 5:00 pm Sunday (Specific timing is dependent on the number of participants)

Quarterfinalists announced and present at 6:00 pm

Semifinalists named at the end of the Immerse-a-thon at 7:00 pm

In the case of a tie, the team with the highest score in the category "could the project become a real product" will be declared winner. If the finalists tie once again, two independent judges not involved in the original judging process will be called upon to evaluate the projects.


For more information please contact Chuck Westerberg

[email protected]

Idaho Virtual Reality Council presents the 2017 Hackfort Immerse-A-Thon. Join us at Trailhead March 11th and 12th. Registration begins February 1st on Eventbrite Get ready for amazing prizes and an amazing time!

Registration Opens February 7th