Who We Are:  

The VRP is the every-day educational arm of the IVRC.  The VRP strives to inspire a culture of innovation, experiential learning, and entrepreneurism in the state of Idaho through the use of virtual and augmented reality education.

Our Goal:  

The goal of the VRP is to help the IVRC identify, develop and retain Idaho’s next generation of top tech talent.

Why it’s Vital for Idaho:   

The arrival of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies promises to have as large an impact as that of the Internet 25 years ago.  Right now the virtual reality playing field is wide open, and Idaho has the potential to establish itself as a leader in this exciting and lucrative industry as long as it acts quickly.   

What We Do:  

The VRP offers community members, educators, high school and college students frequent access to virtual reality education and training opportunities in the following ways;

  1. In-school and afterschool programs
  2. Educator training sessions
  3. VR equipment rentals for educators
  4. Future access to VR computers, head mounted displays, and game development engines in our physical space.
  5. VR startup advice and mentorship

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Chuck Westerberg

[email protected]

(208) 724-1294