Vallivue Educator Technology Day Recap

By August 17, 2017Education, Events

Each year Vallivue School District hosts a technology fair for their teachers and this year the IVRC was fortunate to be asked to speak to staff about virtual reality technology. The event was held at Vallivue High School with morning sessions (8-11 AM) dedicated to elementary staff and afternoon sessions (1-4 PM) dedicated to secondary staff. The IVRC presented during the afternoon sessions where approximately 150-200 secondary educators from around the district came to learn about various technology topics. Staff were able to attend three sessions throughout the afternoon where topics ranged from Apps that support Student Accessibility to Google Add-ons and Google Classroom features.

The IVRC was excited to discuss our mission and promote the ways in which VR is transforming the education space. We walked participants through several examples of educational VR experiences that are currently in the marketplace and spent a chunk of time discussing how the Blaine County School District has implemented VR and Google Expeditions into their classrooms. Many teachers were very excited at the thought of replicating the Blaine County program and multiple individuals even downloaded Google Expeditions onto their phones right there on the spot.

Of course we also made sure everyone had the chance to try VR. We demo’d Mission ISS a simulation of the International Space Station and Titans of Space 2.0 which takes the user on a tour of the solar system. For many this was their first time in VR and there was no shortage of oohs and ahhs!

It a great event and we thoroughly enjoyed sharing VR technology with so many educators. We’re excited to see how the technology is adopted in the district as there were multiple teachers determined to bring some form of the technology into their classrooms. We’d like to thank the Vallivue School District and especially Janae Graff for asking us to be a part of this year’s event.

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