Community VR Kit

The IVRC VR Kit is a mobile VR set-up that we lend out to community partners to leverage at their event, school or business for a short period of time. With our VR Kit you are able to give your audience a high end VR experience.  We work with you to pick out the appropriate VR game or experience for your event. Our kit contains the Oculus Rift bundle which comes with: a headset, two sensors, and two touch controllers as well as a VR ready laptop. If you would like to submit an application to leverage our VR Kit, fill out the event form HERE.

When we loan our VR Kit out into the community, we have a few requirements:

  • Display our IVRC pop-up banner or table top sign with the VR unit.
  • Give us a total count of how many people were put into VR at your event.
  • Email us 4-5 quality photographs with our branding in the frame, along with any other pictures captured, after your event is over.

Example Photos:

Setting Up the VR Kit

Setting up your VR kit is a relatively easy process.  We recommend you watch the below video prior to setting up your system as this walks you through each step of the process.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Why can't I see anything on the laptop screen even though I started the VR experience?  

A: If the Oculus headset isn't on it goes into pause mode and does not display anything on your screen.  When in doubt, put the headset on and see if anything is showing there.  If there isn't, try restarting the experience.

Q:  Why does the screen go blank when I have someone in the demo?  

A:  Chances are they have hit a button on the controllers and stopped the game.  Push the menu button on the controller and that usually brings the screen back up.

Q:  Should I use the wrist straps on the touch controllers?  

A:  This is up to you, but we highly recommend using them as we have seen them fly out of people's hands.  This is particularly important when working with children.

Q: I'm having some issues and I can't seem to get the system to work, what should I do?  

A:  First, try closing out the experience you are running in Oculus and restart it.  If that doesn't work, close out of Oculus all together and then restart Oculus.  If neither of these works try restarting the entire computer and going back into Oculus and the experience you're using.  If none of these options work, reach out to us via the email or phone number you received in coordinating the VR kit.

For further questions please contact: [email protected]