Kickstarting Cardboard Robo-Mayhem

By May 23, 2018Featured, Gaming

Idaho showcases that our state is filled with ambition and talent, as is the case with David Ultis; owner of local tech start-up Citizen Scientific Workshop (CSW) in Garden City. Earlier this month Ultis introduced their latest creation, Cardboard Robot Arena, at the Bay Area Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA. CSW is a pioneering STEAM technologies development company based in Garden City, Idaho. It seeks to make technology accessible to everyone by creating unique and new products ranging from robots and 3D printing to art, animation, and games.

Cardboard Robot Arena is a safe platform of fun, customizable robots you can create to compete in arena-style competitions. From head-to-head battles and free for all battles to capture the flag, the system is forging a new path in the increasingly popular sport of robot combat in unique and exciting ways.

Using mixed-reality technology, Cardboard Robot Arena delivers the experience of being inside a great gladiatorial arena,” he says. “You pit your bot against opponents in battles and activities with augmented animations and effects that bring the entire immersive setting to life. Our robots are easy to build and operate and safe to use, with specially customized foam weapons and foam and cardboard armor that can be easily replaced if they get damaged in epic battles.

The bots are available in a range of styles, and are controlled via a smartphone app. Each bot model is 3D scanned and incorporated into the app, creating new opportunities for interactions with tangible objects and mixed reality, often referred to as XR. Available for Android and iPhone beta testers, the app not only allows you to drive your bot, but also lets you level it up and compete in challenges to gain new effects, augmentations, and skills for the platform’s unique and evolving set of quests.

Ultis has launched a Kickstarter campaign that will run until June 16th to raise $5,000 to commence production of Cardboard Robot Arena bot kits. Within their Kickstarter Campaign you can find what the Arena Robot Kits include, more about the project, stretch goals and the unique challenges that went into creating the Cardboard Robots. If you would like to contribute to this campaign, you can find their Kickstarter Campaign HERE.

We are always proud and excited to see emerging creators within our community, and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Citizen Scientific Workshop!

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